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Ana Cheri

Ana Cheri Bio - Age, Height, Weight, Income, Net worth, Husband, Posters, Workout Plan & Unknown facts - There are a number of models of different countries, in which most of them are engaged in an activity by which they are popular or famous today. Like these all, Ana Cheri is also a US model who is doing pretty well in her field and not only one but this lady is engaged in more than one field and also she is one of the best in her work.

Ana Cheri Bio

When we talk about Ana Cheri's bio, she is a strong lady and a modern empowered female model and actress who have nowadays made the best of her social media presence on Instagram and magazines. Not only an actor Or a model but Ana Cheri is also a well-known fitness enthusiast who has nearly around 12 million followers on Instagram. Not only on Instagram but the lady also has a number of followers on Twitter and Facebook. This talented lady, has said is a recognized model, host, actress, and a public figure too. Now the lady is rapidly engaging and opening a new field for her own which is a social media influencer.

Ana Cheri Age - 35

She was born on 16 may 1986 in California, United States of America. Basically, her nationality is American and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Ana Cheri has made so many posing as a model for popular and famous brands in the US like punch magazines and Toyota tyres. In the year 2015, the lady became more popular and famous as she posed for the famous men’s magazine of US which is playboy. The picture she posted in the magazine was the basic reason behind her growth and popularity.
Not only a gym owner, host or a model but because of her popularity only she was able to make her debut in a film also as an actor which took the lady’s career to sky-high level. It was one of the best times of the year for the lady. In many interviews also Ana Cheri had briefly described her thoughts about becoming a model and posing for a famous magazine and then a host, an actor, and a gym owner or fitness enthusiasts too.

The 35-year lady according to her age had already achieved so many things and so many more to come. Ana Cheri was also awarded a prize as a social media influencer as she became the most followed girl on Instagram in a week. There is particularly no information about her educational background as she has not mentioned on any of the websites and neither has she told anyone. The lady is the single child of her parents and has no siblings. She is also a Brand Ambassador of many famous brands and is also one of the highest-paid Instagram stars and she charges a huge amount for only one post. The model is followed by millions of people around the whole world and inspires every single individual to be healthy and live an active lifestyle. With her goals and motives of fitness she has also started her own active line called want my look which became famous a few months ago.

Ana Cheri Net Worth - 6 Million USD

As mentioned above the lady is an actress, host, model, fitness enthusiast, and a social media influencer too. There are many times questions asked upon Ana Cheri’s Income and most of the time ignored by her and people. But after an Interview it can be clearly said that Ana Cheri’s income or Net worth is dollar 6 million which possesses a great and a high amount as a net income.

All these savings and money she has earned through her modeling, Instagram posts, acting, and through fitness also. The Lady has done something very well that no one till now has been able to do it. At one side where women praise her and want to be like her, on the other hand, men want her to be hot. Only Ana Cheri is the lady who is able to promote herself to this level and be doing very well in all her engaged fields.

Ana Cheri Income

Ana Cheri is not just a model but a fitness guide and an inspiration for many. The active presence made her sensation in all over America and now she also donates her wealth to good use or to charity and NGO too. She is doing all the good jobs which are impressing everyone and inspiring everyone to become like her. She earns five hundred to 25 thousand usd per post on Instagram. Let’s look out some of the sources from which Ana Cheri earns high.
She is a professional model and a professional fitness expert too, her estimated earnings through modelling are nearly around dollar 300,000 per year. She provides tips and advice on maintaining proper health or starting an active lifestyle. The lady has also written many books regarding this fitness youth empowerment which she has published on her official website. Her official website is popularly known as

Ana Cheri Instagram - AnaCherí (@anacheri)

In her life Instagram is a very important factor of income. She nearly earns five thousand to twenty-five thousand per post. Most of the time she posts the picture of her own company activewear. She also gets paid for anything she promotes or everything that she does on Instagram.
Ana Cheri is also a couple owner of the inspiring fitness gym which is popularly known as being more athletic. She started the gym with the help of her husband.

She has also launched various clothes depending on her clothing line want my look. In this, she basically promotes all the fitness items. But except these all she also has a variety of items which includes shoes, accessories, sweatshirts, and other clothes. The lady is earning a good amount according to her fields she is engaged in and hopes so in future she gets to engage in more fields.

Ana Cheri Weight - 58 kg (128 pounds)

Ana Cheri is an inspiration to all especially when it comes to fitness, she takes care of her fitness very carefully with a proper planned and diet chart. Her body weight nearly about 58 kg or 128 pounds.

Ana Cheri Height - 5 feet and 7 inches

The lady has a great and perfect body which she is not afraid to show off. She is 5 feet and 7 inches long tall.
She has maintained herself to everything she can do without eating much oily food with a proper routine, running, doing exercise and all the lady is perfectly fit and promotes youth to be fit. According to a 34 year lady, she is perfectly fit and strong. Her Measurements are so perfect and most of the girls demand to have the same Measurements as Ana Cheri only.

Ana Cheri Workout Plan

The lady changes her exercise according to her demands or she changes her workout plans according to her body’s demand. Let’s have a look on Ana Cheri Workout plan-

Weight training

It is most probably the best and an excellent way to train your body. You can get some good shapes by adding calisthenics but adding weight to your body will help to shape your body in a perfect position. If you want to gain your muscles then definitely choosing weight training is the best option for you as suggested by Ana Cheri in her Workout plan.

Muscle focus

While you are exercising every time you should have a clear focus on your muscles. Ana Cheri's tip is the most powerful for gaining muscles. You should stop talking to your friends or to not to do any other activities at a time of exercise.

Progress measuring

Focusing on the number of sets and Repetition is also a great factor as injury can be caused if you will not focus on sets and repetition. Measuring your progress day by day will give you the motivation to do more and more exercises and gain muscles more quickly and easily.


On her Instagram post also, Ana Cheri widely talks about taking rest after every exercise is important. Taking a good sleep and getting a balanced diet which is rich in protein will definitely help your body to achieve all your goals more easily.

Ana Cheri - Waist Trainer

Ana Cheri is an excellent Waist Trainer which teaches everyone how to reduce or increase their waist depending on the needs of an individual. The lady is also very strict about her diet as mentioned above. She takes proper rich food nutrients to achieve her goals desperately.


Ana Cheri is not like other enthusiasts which only focus on proteins as she believes in taking a good amount of proteins and calcium both at same time which will help her muscle growth and become stronger with the help of calcium. She also added that dairy products are the most rich calcium products which help her to fulfil her daily needs of calcium rich food nutrients.
The lady always tries to eat safe and healthy, whenever she goes on vacation also she eats healthy and tasty food which is essential for her health and which makes her the most inspirational woman not only in her own country but in the whole world. She has also posted her HIIT workout on Instagram in which she has also described the importance of keeping an active and a healthy lifestyle.

Ana Cheri Husband Ben Moreland

The beautiful talented Ana Cheri is a married woman. She tied the Engagement Ring with her long time boyfriend and now Husband Ben Moreland. Her husband is also a professional and a personal trainer and fitness expert. With the help of her husband only Ana Cheri is able to become a fitness expert and is promoting the crucial meaning of fitness in nowadays youths. Also, the couple is very personal about their married life and does not tell much about their married life.


She does not have a child now, and no other external affairs. Both of them are carrying their married life happily and in an elegant way.
Ana Cheri is also the brand ambassador of cross fit in which her husband is a specialized person or a fitness trainer. There were a number of rumors at the time of their wedding that the Engagement Ring of Ana Cheri costs mostly near dollar 1 billion which was not believed and stated as a rumor only. The couple are doing very well and hope so they continue in future to with their happy married life.

Ana Cheri Fashion Nova

Ana Cheri Fashion Nova

The lady is indeed a Fashion Nova. All the clothes she wears are of higher brands which start costing from one thousand dollars. She always promotes her own clothing line which is active wear and then promotes Fashion Nova outfit widely. Also recently on her Instagram account where she is so famous, posted a photo in which she was wearing a Fashion Nova top and jeans which looked significantly perfect on her.

Her Measurements were so great as she is a model all her clothes are being sponsored or most of them are being shopped from very excellent brands. On her official website of the gym and model you will get all the Information Widely about her clothes. In her films also she many times wears Fashion Nova clothes which spikes her perfect body and makes her look more beautiful and pretty.


Ana Cheri is a successful lady who has registered her name in the top most model actors, fitness expert and in social media influencer too. She is doing great jobs and is successful in most of them. Behind her success as a fitness expert her Husband plays an important role as he was the one who helped her in opening a new gym in which Ana Cheri is a co-owner. She has got various achievements and awards specially in modelling. The lady has been posing for various magazines since 2012 and became more popular by posing in the famous magazine known as playboy. Ana Cheri is a talented lady who has almost achieved all the goals at the age of 34. She is truly an inspiration to all the women in today’s world.

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