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Demi Rose Wiki - Bio, Net Worth, Workout & Unknown Facts - Demi Rose is also known as Demi Rose Mawby is a full-time model. She is well known around the globe for her sexy bikini shoots. And because of her curvy model look and excellent hold in this field she has taken Instagram and other social networking sites by storm. She is followed by 15 million people from around the world on her Instagram account, which is quite an exceptional achievement for her. Since 18 years age of 18, she has been a part of Instagram.

And undoubtedly she is one of the most popular models in the UK. Writing about her measurement the very charming Demi Rose weighs 59 kg and in pounds, it is 129 lbs with a height of 5 feet and 2inches. Her birth sign is Aries and has a dark brown colored eye with black hairs which makes her even more alluring. The busty, young talented model-actress became more popular after she had posted a string of selfies on her Instagram account for her followers.


Talking about Demi Rose Mawby’s bio, she hails from Birmingham. She was born in Birmingham, UK on March 27, 1995. As of 2020, she is 25 years of age. She is born to Barrie Mawby and Christine Mawby. But she could not spend much longer time with her parents as they died when she was just 17 years old which is certainly very disheartening and unfortunate on her part. Her mother died at the age of 63 out of a heart attack whereas her dad died at the age of 80 because of cancer. On the 12th of June, she revealed the sudden demise of her mom.

Her mom died 7 years after the death of her dad. Demi Rose belongs to British and Columbian ethnicity and currently, she lives in Miami, Florida, US. reports state that she has a sister who is of Columbian ethnicity. She moved to Florida after she had completed her studies in the UK. Oscott Primary school was the institution from where she did her schooling and further enrolled herself in John Willmott School in Sutton Coldfield UK. She also holds a degree in Spanish language and in college-level beauty therapy.

Demi Rose loved facing the camera and felt confident posing in front of the camera since her childhood. And this was her x-factor that made her embark on this journey of being a model and a celebrity and impressing everyone with her saucy looks. She thought that with a height of just 5feet and 2 inches she will not be a fit in this field but the motivation and support of her family is commendable as her family and friends pushed and encouraged her to go with her passion, no matter what. And at present, she is a well-known supermodel and an Internet celebrity at the same time in the UK. So definitely for a person’s achievement and whatever recognition s/he gets is somewhat because of your well-wishers such as your family, friends, or your die-hard fans.

Diving more into her personal life she is at present in a relationship with her boyfriend DJ Chris Martinez who performs with his brother Stevie and they are well known as Martinez Brothers. They started dating each other in 2017 and it has been 4 years now that they are in a relationship. According to the sources, she was dating Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga in May 2016. He is a rapper by profession. They met at a party in Cannes where he was enamored by her charm and they got committed to each other.

Though they could not carry on their relationship for a long duration Demi reported in an interview that she was not heartbroken by this news. She rather told the sources that they truly liked each other but somehow it simply did not work out in the end. She further stated that whatever happens for a reason.


It is quite obvious that people would be inquisitive to know about her net worth owing to the fact that she has millions of followers and also the fact that she had gained name and fame at such an early age of 25 years. Well, she makes around 1-2 million dollars yearly from her modeling career. Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million dollars.


Demi Rose is also a well-known DJ and dubbed the “world’s sexiest DJ” in the whole world according to media sources. After her relationship got over with Tyga she was rumored to be in a relationship with DJ Tom Zanetti. According to the sources she was spotted with Tom Zanetti on a yacht. And moreover, she found cuddling with Tom in his arms. She even dated DJ Chris Martinez but they even ended their relationship in Oct 2019. By being one of the most curvaceous models with a measurement of 37’-24’-36’ in. This kind of figure gives her personality a boost and definitely helps her create an edge over other models. And do you know that she got her first modeling assignment within 24 hrs of applying to a modeling agency and got a positive reply after submitting her application. This was definitely a great motivation for her initial career. She also released her first DJ debut Ritmos Del Sueno. It was a mixtape and got released in the year 2016. Adding more to it she even worked in DJ Khaled and Chris Brown’s music video which definitely added feathers to her cap of achievements. She was always keen on music since her school days and more when she was admitted to Stage school. James Bond movies are her personal favorite and she even aspires and is ambitious about becoming a bond girl in movie series.

Throughout she tries to keep herself healthy and modeling was her dream career since childhood. Demi has also visited many places across the world such as Indonesia, Maldives, Bali, Egypt, the Philippines, Thailand, and many more such places. She feels proud of having voluptuous curves which you might have often seen her showing off in her sexy photoshoots.

The secret of her 24inch waist and 38-inch hips is because of her continuous hard work in the gym and a dedicated workout that she does throughout. She even stated that she keeps her diet well-balanced plus somewhere the reason for having such a sexy body is her genes. And moreover, she is well known around for having non-surgical liposuction on her famous bot.

Demi Rose joined Instagram at age 18. Initially, she was not that active on Instagram and she began her career by taking selfies which she posted on Instagram in her account. She was so attractive and charming that soon she became the most coveted and most sought-after face. Soon her fans follow Rose leaps and bounds. She signed a modeling contract with Taz's Angels who contacted her from the American publicity group. Then she never looked back as the group organized photo shoots for her all around the world and her pictures stunned everybody.

Demi Rose moved on as she had bigger goals to pursue after she stayed with the group for a while. Thereafter she submitted her resume to an agency for modeling and within no time she was contacted by the agency. Soon she signed numerous modeling assignments with FHM, Zoo, and Nuts. Today Demi Rose is a good face on Instagram with around 4 million followers and that is what makes Demi Rose one of the most popular online models of Great Britain.

Apart from her modeling assignments she has also done a number of Music Videos and featured in music clips with renowned personalities like Chris Brown and DJ Khaled.  Mom: Demi has featured in many music videos with DJ Khaled and Chris Brown and earned a name for herself among A-list friends. She hopes that one day she would make a career in Hollywood. Speaking toThe Sun' a well-known Magazine she said that in her initial years when she posed for selfies and pictures her fan following gradually grew to soar heights from 60000 to 3.2 million. She really found it weird when people started recognizing her on the streets but soon started enjoying her success. Soon she got habitual of it. She then completed a course in Beauty and Health and decided to try her luck as a Lingerie model in the US. She at the same time also worked on her body by engaging a personal trainer. Demi also featured as a cover girl on the 66th magazine's inaugural issue in 2017.

DEMI ROSE Controversies & Scandals

Taz angel was a controversial group whose member was Demi Rose. This group is based in Miami. Popular women socialites are employed by this Taz Angels group to make their club appearances. This group was involved in supplying escorts for which it was embroiled in various controversies. And further, it was suspected of prostitution and was investigated for it in the year 2016.


Well, you might be wondering why we are talking so much about this young and talented model. Well if you would have seen her Instagram images and posts there is no need to tell you about it. She has a very charming and mesmerizing look which makes her fans go crazy for her. She has a doll-like resemblance in her personality and moreover, her humble, hilarious, and down-to-earth attitude is what makes her more alluring. And these are the qualities that make people adore her so much and this is also one of the reasons for having such a strong fan base.


She follows a continuous and rigorous workout plan which mainly focuses on Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. From Monday to Saturday she does lower body workout, circuits, upper body and abs plus circuits are again repeated and she again resorts to lower body workout and so on. Her glute circuits include 15 Rep of thrusts, 30 Rep of side steps, 15 Rep of partial squats, and so on and which is why she has such a perfect body. Talking about her diet regime, she includes eggs, chicken, or prawn salad in her meal. Her diet plan even consists of fish with vegetables or sushi plus nuts and sometimes has chocolate nuts or salted nuts which she calls her guilty pleasures.


Demi Rose follows a very strict diet regime to keep herself healthy and fit. She has got such a maintained physique because of her trainer Dean Delandro who is the owner of HD Personal Development ltd in Essex and also owns Reset Yourself Ltd in Los Angeles. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to earn such a kind of name and fame that Demi Rose has.


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