Top 10 Secret Service Agencies in the World

10Biz.orG has a list of top 10 secret service agencies in the World who are responsible for their countries security issues.

List of Top 10 Intelligence Agencies in the World

10. DGSE : Directorate-General for External Security (France)

This is France’s external intelligence agency. DGSE operates under the direction of the French Ministry of Defence and works alongside its domestic counterpart. DGSE is considered one of the world’s most respected intelligence agencies, especially in regards to economic intelligence.
Head office : Paris
Formed : 2 April 1982

9. ASIS : Australian Secret Intelligence Service (Australia)

ASIS is the national foreign intelligence agency of Australia. It is responsible for overseas intelligence collection, including both counter-intelligence and liaising with the intelligence agencies of other countries. ASIS mission is Protect and promote Australia’s property interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services as directed by Government.
Head office : Canberra
Formed : 13 May 1952

8. ISI : Inter-Services Intelligence (Pakistan)

It is the premier intelligence service of Pakistan. It is responsible for providing critical national security and intelligence assessment to the Government of Pakistan. The ISI is the largest of the five intelligence services of Pakistan. The Chief of Army Staff recommends three names of general officers to Prime minister for selection and confirmation of Director General ISI.
Head office : Islamabad
Formed : 1948

7. BND : Federal Intelligence Service (Germany)

BND is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany. The BND has 300 locations in Germany and foreign countries. The BND acts as an early warning system to alert the German government to threats to German interests from abroad.
Head office : Pullach & Berlin
Formed : 1 April 1956

6. MSS : Ministry of State Security (China)

MSS is the intelligence agency and security agency of the People’s Republic of China, responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security. MSS the same authority to arrest or detain people as regular police for crimes involving state security with identical supervision by the procuratorates and the courts.
Head office : Beijing
Formed : July 1983

5. RAW : Research and Analysis Wing (India)

RAW is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India. It is under the direct command of the Prime Minister and reports on an administrative basis to the Cabinet Secretary of India. Its primary function is gathering foreign intelligence, engaging in counter-terrorism, promoting counter-proliferation, advising Indian policymakers, and advancing India’s foreign strategic interests. RAW quickly came to prominence in the global intelligence community. RAW played a major role in events such as the independence of Bangladesh and the accession of the state of Sikkim to India. It is also involved in the security of India’s nuclear programme.
Head office : New Delhi
Formed : 21 September 1968

4. MI6 : Military Intelligence Section 6 (United Kingdom)

MI6 is the British intelligence agency which supplies the British government with foreign intelligence. MI6 name used as a flag of convenience during the First World War when it was known by many names. Its motto is Always Secret.
Head office : London
Formed : 1909

3. Mossad : Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (Israel)

Mossad is the national intelligence agency of Israel. It is one of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community. Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counterterrorism, as well as bringing Jews to Israel from countries where official Aliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities. Its director reports directly to the Prime Minister.
Head office : Tel Aviv
Formed : 13 December 1949

2. CIA : Central Intelligence Agency (United States)

CIA is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States. It is responsible for gathering, processing and analyzing national security information from around the world. CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet. CIA has no law enforcement function and is mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic collection. CIA is the only agency authorized by law to carry out and oversee covert action on behalf of the President.
Head office : Langley Virginia
Formed : 18 September 1947

1. GRU : Russian Federation General staff (Russia)

GRU is world’s best foreign intelligence agency. GRU is the foreign military intelligence main agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The official full name is Main Intelligence Agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The GRU is Russia’s largest foreign intelligence agency. The GRU gathers human intelligence through military attaches and foreign agents. GRU and KGB SIGINT network employed about 350,000 specialists.
Head office : Moscow
Formed : 5 November 1918