Top 10 Restaurants in CP Delhi

Top 10 Restaurants in CP Delhi : Delhi, the capital of India, is a hallucinogenic mix of past and present. From splendid forts & palaces to marvelous hotels & malls, the city has everything that is required for an outstanding holiday experience. When being in Delhi, you can't afford to miss the city's culinary pleasures. From first-class restaurants to street-side thelas, Delhi has a catholic array of dining boulevards to cater the food that suits every taste and budget. Eyeing for a nippy bite to grab somewhere in Connaught place? Or are you springing about, trying to fathom the best place for a date in CP? Don't worry, we explain it all.

Best 10 Restaurants in Connaught Place Delhi

10. Bercos

Acknowledged throughout the Delhi-NCR area for its Chinese and Thai offerings, Berco's is one of the worthy restaurants in CP picture-perfect for a family lunch or dinner. Their multiplicity of dishes guarantees that there's something for everybody, and the rational prices let you eat guilt free.

9. Zen Restaurant

Begun 25 years ago, Zen restaurant is still the most widespread Oriental Restaurant in Connaught Place. Flaunting a normal façade, the spot is the gorging paradise for folks from the corporate world and also youth, and folks from the 60's time. The café is acknowledged for serving the most amazing oriental food that is appealing enough to bring you back for more.

8. Ardor

Ardor factually means pronounced enthusiasm or passion. The ambiance of this place is precisely like the meaning; on the first floor you will experience a relaxed ambiance with oh-so calming ghazals while on the second floor you can unbridle your party animal in the lounge, in short, this place is a picture-perfect package. If you are still eyeing for more, then this place also has a stylish rooftop where you can relish their delicious food with superb drinks.

7. Warehouse Cafe

Warehouse Cafe Restaurant is acknowledged for its magnificent rooftop, their choice of music is an extravagance for the ears and the live brand performances are totally noteworthy. The Warehouse cafe is paradise for all the food lovers and the Chilli Chicken served here is a must-try food item. The Bar menu is awash with some of the most remarkable drinks and the hookahs have some of the most stimulating flavor choices.

6. Saravana Bhavan

Longing for authentic south Indian food? Saravana Bhavan is the restaurant you should visit for the most palatable authentic South Indian food. The food is completely delectable and it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. This is a heaven for every vegetarian. It is one of the finest places to eat in CP after a phenomenal shopping session at Janpath market.

5. The GT Road

The GT Road is a restaurant that revisits the roots and helps you rediscover the magical recipes of an era gone by. Their expert Chefs have travelled across The Grand Trunk Road and curated an extensive menu. They use some of the old traditional methods of cooking to retain the taste and flavors which is often missing in today’s food.

4. Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe is a quirky, chic, modern Indian café, where guests enjoy a sensory experience through the finest modern Indian cuisine, with a high energy ambiance.

3. Tamra Restaurant

Tamra is a vibrant and fun space offering modern culinary styles with friendly service. It is award winning multi-cuisine buffet restaurant serving European, Japanese, Regional Indian, Thai and South-East Asian fare from five interactive live kitchens.

2. Nando’s Restaurant

Nando’s restaurants has its own unique design & local South African art and unique design touches that make it the perfect place to sit down and enjoy the best food you’ve ever tasted. Their legendary chicken & a warm South African welcome with smile to make you feel at home.

1. Kake Da Hotel

Kake Da Hotel is one of the most sought after restaurants located in the heart of Delhi. They are maintaining the highest of standards in all areas – taste of food, service, cleanliness warmth, hospitality. They give the diners an experience that draws you to them again and again.

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