Top 10 restaurants in Bhiwani

Restaurants in Bhiwani

Here are the top 10 restaurants in Bhiwani, offering a variety of cuisines and dining experiences:

    1. Sham-E-Khaas: 

Known for its well-maintained ambiance and impressive menu, this restaurant is a local favorite. It's situated near the old bus stand in Naya Bazaar, Krishna Colony​​.

    2. Bistro At 13: 

This eatery offers a contemporary dining experience with a diverse menu ranging from Indian to continental dishes​​.

   3. Rakheja Sweets: 

A popular spot for those with a sweet tooth, offering a range of traditional Indian sweets and snacks​​.

    4. Dal Chinni: 

A popular chain offering live grill and buffet options with a variety of starters, main courses, and desserts​​.

    5. Jagdambe Shudh Vaishano Bhojanalaya: 

Located near the railway station, this place is well-known for its pure vegetarian North Indian cuisine​​.

    6. The Haveli Restaurant: 

Offering a traditional dining experience with a rustic ambiance, this restaurant specializes in North Indian and Mughlai dishes​​.

    7. Garam Masala Restaurant: 

A casual dining spot known for its quick service and diverse menu, including Indian and Chinese dishes​​.

    8. HSB Family Inn: 

This restaurant is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere and a wide range of vegetarian options​​.

    9. Pizza Choice: 

Perfect for pizza lovers, this restaurant serves a variety of pizzas along with other fast food options​​.

    10. Giani's: 

Known for its delicious ice creams and desserts, this place is perfect for a sweet treat after a meal​.

These restaurants offer a mix of traditional and modern cuisines, ensuring that there's something for everyone in Bhiwani.