Top 10 restaurants in Rohtak


Restaurants in Rohtak

Here are ten highly recommended restaurants in Rohtak that you should consider visiting:

    1. Nagpal Restaurant 

Known for its affordable yet tasty offerings, Nagpal is a favorite among locals for its traditional Indian dishes.


2. Desi Hut Restaurant 

Offers quality food and good service at reasonable prices, specializing in fast food and Indian cuisine​ ​.


3. Gulab Sweets and Restaurant  

Popular for its variety of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese dishes, and sweets. It's a great place for quick bites and family dinners​ ​.


4. Club Ebowla 

Located in Model Town, this place offers a multicuisine menu with a lively atmosphere, perfect for gatherings and casual dining​​.


5. Asagao By Yuhi 

A Japanese restaurant known for its authentic dishes and elegant setting, making it a unique dining experience in Rohtak​ ​.


6. Burger King 

A fast food joint that is highly rated for its burgers and quick service, great for a casual meal​ ​.


7. Chahat Restaurant 

Offers a variety of Indian and Chinese dishes with good service and home delivery options​ ​​.


8. Star Highway 

A popular stop for travelers, this restaurant serves a mix of Indian and international cuisine with a pleasant ambiance and ample parking​​.


9. IC Food Hut 

Known for its clean environment and tasty food, making it a reliable spot for families and travelers alike​ .


10. Buddy's Special Cafe 

Famous for its coffee and sandwiches, this cafe provides a cozy atmosphere ideal for relaxed outings​ .

These recommendations provide a variety of dining experiences from casual cafes to elegant dining, ensuring you have great options to choose from when in Rohtak.